Our favorite articles on how to make your business trips more enjoyable

Posted on 17th November 2016

Travelling for business doesn’t have to be all business - we could enjoy it a bit more or remove its inherent repeatability. We have compiled a list of our favorite articles with suggestions on how to make business trips more enjoyable. Here it goes:

  1. Corie from Levo writes about trying the local cuisine:
  2. [...]Before your trip, research the best local cuisine and invite colleagues and/or clients to go with you. It’s a great way to enjoy a new culinary experience while getting some work done.

  3. Cabeau Travel takes another spin on this talking about solitude:
  4. Oftentimes business travel means you’re on your own during your off hours. Enjoy the total quiet of your hotel room, and soak in the luxury of having a big bed all to yourself. Take a bubble bath before you go to sleep. Order room service in the morning and treat yourself to breakfast in bed, if you have the time. You may be traveling for business, but after hours are yours for the taking.”

  5. Uniglobe Sunburst Travel suggests to plan, plan, plan:
  6. If you have thoroughly taken care of the details regarding your flight, ground transportation, accommodation, and appointments to the offices you are going to visit prior to starting off on the trip, you will have an enjoyable business experience.

    We would also add to the list that it is important to have your clothes packed and ready for your trip. Traveling lightly and never worrying about luggage can be a big plus.

  7. Elizabeth Xu, from www.apartmenttherapy.com points out that doing something that's not business related could be helpful:
  8. Yes, so much of your time is spoken for on a business trip, but take a few minutes to check your schedule and see if there's anywhere to fit in some fun. Consider a quick museum trip during the day's lunch break, or see if one day ends a little earlier and you can fit in a short walking tour of the city. Having something other than business meetings to look forward to will definitely make your trip more pleasant.

  9. Similarly, Meghan Ward writes on blog.justporter.org about going to a concert, movie or show:
  10. If you’re in major cultural hubs [...], it makes sense to enjoy your time there to the fullest and have fun on a business trip. [...] Because the evening is the most likely time when you’ll have a few hours to spare when you travel for business, this works out really well.

  11. Delsuites proposes to:
  12. See if you have any friends or family living in the city you are visiting. You could possibly arrange to meet them in between business activities and let them show you around the city.

  13. Last but not least, extending your trip might be a good idea, according to TIME .
  14. If you have ample vacation time and work allows it, consider extending your business trip for personal time. This is especially nice if you’re traveling internationally and want to maximize your experience in a faraway land. (Just know that business expenses end when your work does).

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