CasePlease says “Hello World”

Posted on 8th October 2015

Now Available in Public Beta

We are happy to introduce to you CasePlease, a travel service that simplifies the business travel experience, now open in public beta.

CasePlease allows you to skip packing for a business trip as well as baggage queues in the airport, being your overseas wardrobe. After signing up with CasePlease, you can leave your clothes and toiletries in our care and we will deliver them in a CasePlease bag upon your next visit at the hotel’s reception where you will be staying. Once you are ready to head back home, we’ll pick up all your belongings, clean your clothes and deposit everything safely until your next visit.

This means:

Sounds pretty good, right? We think so too! CasePlease stores your clothes and toiletries, cleans and delivers them to your hotel – any hotel for that matter. The service will be available for travelers to Bucharest only, in the beginning, but don’t fret about it. We have big plans!

When developing the service, we asked ourselves how could we improve any part of today’s hectic world? We are bombarded with information every minute, day and night, we have so much to do, yet so little time at our disposal. So what can we change or improve? We simply looked around us. It is true, technology evolved a lot and simplified our lives. Moreover, nowadays we can “outsource” many of our errands such as house cleaning, dry cleaning/laundry, mailing, shopping, tailoring, etc. With just a few clicks we can book tickets to a concert or plane tickets, book a hotel room or other form of accommodation, book a ride, book a trip or a couple of weeks vacation to an exotic destination.

But some time-consuming activities are still weighing on our shoulders. While we can have concierge like services for leisure travel, there is not much going on for business travel. Sure, we can book our tickets in advance and we can take a taxi to the airport and from the airport to the hotel. But that is not enough. Frequent business traveling is tiring and stressful as it, without even considering cleaning, packing and checking in, all being time consuming. That’s how Marian and I decided to do our bit and help offer a better traveling experience for frequent travelers. We hope that with CasePlease you will you do something you love with your earned free time: cook something healthier, go see a play, go for a run, take a walk in the park, spend time with your loved ones, or simply take a nap.

Public Beta

For the time being CasePlease is open in public beta, meaning that we are looking to get any kind of feedback from you guys. Whether you are a seasoned business traveler, a leisure traveler, a student, a teacher or an IT enthusiast, etc., we would very much like to hear your opinion regarding CasePlease. What do you think of the whole service, what extra features would you like to see, what about pricing?

For the beta stage, you cannot book our service yet, but we encourage you to visit our website, register and discover all its features. You can even create roundtrips from My Account (after registration) but you won’t be able to submit them. Later on, after the initial feedback round, we will start accepting bookings on our website from our beta users/friends. We will also randomly pick 3 of you guys and surprise you. How? Well, it’s a surprise.

For any questions, clarifications and ideas you can reach us via email:, Facebook message or give us a call at +40 727 572 159.

We are eagerly waiting for the day when we’ll we able to say “CasePlease is at your service”, the day you’ll be able to enjoy our offer.

P.S. In our second post we will let you know all about our plans of nurturing a community around CasePlease and we will ask for your invaluable feedback.

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